Are they frackin' mad?

Reports have surfaced that the Ontario Geological Survy (OGS) has been drilling test wells in various parts of Ontario to see if there were potential for fracking.

The reports are techical and not very informative to the layperson, but one of the sites they checked was in Pickering. Beyond that, it was only identified by its latitude and longitude. However I found a website that translated these coordinates into a precise location.

This is it - right next door to the Pickering Nuclear station!

DC asking all lakefront communities to urge Province to stick to its conditons re Line 9

DurhamCLEAR president, Doug Anderson is making the rounds of the lakefront communities in Durham to urge their Councils to support the conditions laid out by Rick Jennings, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of part of hisoral submission to the NEB on behalf of the Government of Ontario.

While these conditions do not go anywhwere near as far as DC would like, they should be considered as the minimum acceptable for the safe operation of the pipeline:

Durham Region doubly at risk: Thin walls and highest concentration of water crossings

This analysis is based in part on a chart of watercrossings released by Enbridge in response to an information request by Equiterre which showed that Durham Region had the highest concentration of watercrossing over the whole line.

5 candidates have signed accountability pledge

With the addition of Chris Leahy, a candiadte for West Ward councillor in Whitby, five candidates have now signed Accountability Pledges. There are 3 from Pickering, 1 from Whitby, and 1 from Clarington.

All pledges are posted at


Tell Environment Minister Bradley for a 'Bump Up' on the Duffin Creek Outfall EA

On November 19, Durham & York Regions declared their class EA on the Duffin Creek Sewage Plant Outfall 'competed' in spit of the fact that it has never evn been approved by Durham Regional Council, and, in fact, the Phase II report was specifically rejected back last March. By some quirk of Regional procedure, the EA proceeded regardless and is now 'complete'. 

Works Commissioner admits at Pickering Council Meeting that Outfall EA was rejected by Regional Council - but nothing happened

At the Pickering Council meeting on Jan. 27, 2014, Cliff Curtis acknowledged that the Duffin Creek Outfall EA had never been approved at Regional Council, and that a motion to 'receive' it had actually been defeated.

The context of this admission was a staff recommendation at Pickering Council to support the conclusion of the EA that the Duckbill diffuser were the best solution. In response to this, Doug Anderson made a delegation which included the subject of the EA's approval by Council. This is an excerpt

Pipelines and CSA Z662

In researching Line 9, I kept reading references to CSA Z662. I did some research and found that this is the standard to which pipelines in Canada are built - even ones outside the jurisdiction of the NEB. The NEB is the regulator but CSA (Canadian Standards Association) writes the standards. And they are out of date.

I also found out that the standards are subject to periodic public review and that CSA Z662 is currently in the midst of a 60 day review period which started over Christmas and ends on Feb. 23.

Join Us for the Launch of the Accountability Project

Pickering City Hall (front), Thurs. Jan 2, 3:00 pm
Visit our new issue-specific website,

Outfall Public Information Forums


Tuesday, October 29th, Open House from 5pm to 7pm, Formalpresentation from 7pm to 9pm

East Shore Community Centre,  Meeting Rooms 2 & 4 

910 Liverpool Road South,pickering
(Parking lot located at the rear of the building)


Wednesday, October 30th, Open House from 5pm to 7pm, Formalpresentation from 7pm to 9pm

H.M.S. Ajax Room, Ajax Community Centre, 75 Centennial Rd, Ajax

Please Attend

We need a good turnout to demonstrate our concern for the quality of the water along the shore with particular attention to phosphorus and algae


DC's Final Argument to the National Energy Board

This is the NEB's official transcript minus some of the ums and ahs


4043.  MR. ANDERSON:  Anyway, good afternoon, Madam Chair and Members of the Board, I
want to thank you for the opportunity to address this hearing.

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