Regional Umbrella organization formed

DurhamCLEAR has been created as a 'big tent' advocacy organization to focus on an evolving range of environmental and related issues in Durham Region.

It is intended to bring the numbers and resources of a large organization to bear on 'local' issues.

The primary focus initially, and the one which prompted our formation, is the proposed waste incinerator in Courtice. An ancillary focus is ensuring that the right people are elected in the coming municipal election. This is being done through an extensive environmental questionnaire that has been sent to all incumbent councillors and registered candidates right across Durham Region. The results of that questionnaire are being posted on a special website

DurhamCLEAR has been organized on a committee system where individual committees will be formed around specific issues and strategies. The initial committees will focus on:

  • the environmental assessment for the incinerator. This group has identified a number of deficiencies in the EA that need to be hammered home.
  • outreach in the community to build public opposition to the incinerator and persuade local politicians to withdraw their support
  • the broader fight to electing councilors in this fall's municipal election who have a greater understanding and sensitivity for all environmental issues.

As new environmental issues arise, committees will be added. Existing organization are invited to align themselves and share information.

The committees will be the organization's principal 'operating' units. They will work under the umbrella of a central Board whose functions will be coordination, facilitation, communication and financial management.