Pipelines and CSA Z662

In researching Line 9, I kept reading references to CSA Z662. I did some research and found that this is the standard to which pipelines in Canada are built - even ones outside the jurisdiction of the NEB. The NEB is the regulator but CSA (Canadian Standards Association) writes the standards. And they are out of date.

I also found out that the standards are subject to periodic public review and that CSA Z662 is currently in the midst of a 60 day review period which started over Christmas and ends on Feb. 23.

CSA is a professional organization with a mandate to protect workers, the public and the environment. I doubt if they receive much input from folks like us - but they need to.

Although this process is intended primarily for technical comments, it is important that we submit our non-technical comments as well. The technical comments they receive will be heavily biased towards detail and not towards the overall integrity of the system. It's the system integrity that concerns us and we need to send that message loud and clear - They have the engineers who can fill in the details.

Here's how the review process works.

Go to http://publicreview.csa.ca/

you will have to register - name, etc.  It will email you an activation URL and a password (that you can change)

Then go back to the opening page, click on energy under 'Browse by Subject'. Then on that page, CSA Z662, Oil and gas pipeline systems is currently about the middle of the list. Click on "Draft Details".

You are now into the draft standard. It would be nice to know what they have changed, but copies of the current standard are hard to come by. I requested one from my local library on inter library loan but it still has not arrived.

This is a massive and very technical document. The table of contents is down the left side. If there is a plus sign, there are subheadings. Click on an item and it will appear in the main window. There are buttons on every section to comment and suggest changes. You can save your comments and then come back to them, but you have to 'submit' them in order for them to be part of the review.

I have copied my comments to a google docs page at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qahrJLg_aouEjQOUcmJ80vZNXpIxfnrG2FR48pQTqOY/edit?usp=sharing. I believe you can access it without a password. Let me know if that is not the case.

I have set up the docs page so that any of you can add comments to mine as well as your own submissions. Many of my comments are specific to my own experience and I believe everybody should add comments from their own perspective although we can borrow ideas from each other.

I hope this helps with your submissions.