Zero-Waste Coalition challenges Energy Minister on Inclusion of EFW in FIT

Yesterday (Jan 24), the Ontario Zero-Waste Coalition led by its founder, Liz Bennian and internationally renowned ZeroWaste campaigner, Paul Connett, held a Press Conference at Queen's Park to challenge the notion that "energy from waste" is fit to be included in the FIT (Feed in Tarrif) program of the Energy Ministry's Green Energy program.

Information emerged in the last few weeks that Energy Minister Chris Bentley was considering including energy produced from burning municipal waste in the Provincial government’s
FIT program as part of the Program review that is currently underway.

"Providing a taxpayer funded subsidy to large, multinational companies to generate dirty energy is something the 22 member groups of OZWC strongly oppose." said Liz Benneian in a press release. The full release can be read here

DurhamCLEAR is part of the Coalition but did not attend the news conference. Linda Gasser and Wendy Bracken were there to represent the groups in Durham Region.

The Press conference was a follow up on a strong and detailed letter sent to Bentley on Jan 18. (attached)