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Lawyers Need Respect??

In the Globe and Mail today, it was announced that a Lawyer Association will be starting an advertising campaign to fight the poor image they have been given the general populus. 

Well, I say, they may well deserve those criticisms. 

One prime example of the waste of time and energy that is generated by the legal profession, are all the disclaimers and agreements that are never read by those who: download apps, download programs, buy stuff on the internet, and on and on.

If you are buying something, and you want it, you inherently understand that there are agreements to using the application or program and you will abide by those rules. If you do not want to abide by the rules, and have some devious  plans with the application also ignore the warnings. 

So, what value does all that work of developing those disclaimers and agreements etc. give us. Well a paycheck if we are a lawyer, and some peace of mind for someone who just paid that lawyer, that maybe they are protected by all the legal mumbo jumbo.

The examples are wide spread of people sueing other people for the most ridiculous things, and that is where the professionalism in the legal system is lost. Reality doesn't seem to come into it. 

Yes, I hear, there are some great things lawyers do, but their association allows the ridiculous to happen and the association really needs to rein in those abusers of the system.

SO, forget advertising, just clean up the system, and use agreements where and when they are needed.


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