We're back online

If you've tried to access this website at any time in the last few months you will have found that it was 'down'.

When we set the site up back in 2010, it was done in a hurry and was a 'fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants' project. Right from the beginning there were problems and over the ensuing couple of years, they compounded. It was being held together with the proverbial 'chewing gum and rubber bands'.

When it 'broke' a couple of months ago. it was clear it needed a complete overhaul - pulling back the layers, testing and rebuilding.

Although I suspect that there are still some problems lurking, we are now back online.

In the process we've changed the registration procedure so that people's user names will be their actual names. This is because we believe in transparency - both for our politicians and the people who would comment on them. If you were registered before, that information is gone and you will have to register again and choose a new password.

There have been numerous developments on the environmental fronts in our 'downtime' and a number of these are included under the Current Issues menu.