Line 9 thru Durham

The route of Line 9 runs roughly between Taunton Rd and Hwy 7/Winchester until it gets into Clarington where it falls below Taunton.

I drove up Hwy 12 in Whitby yesterday to see if I could find it, and it is marked at the side of the road with markers like:



Note the soggy conditions. This is just N of Groveside cemetary.

The markers appear to be only on one side of the road.

On Coronation Rd the markers looked like this:

Along the way I found many signs for natural gas pipelines but after I'd seen about 10 of them I realized that most were in front of houses and they were likely just residential feedlines. They look quite similar.

Along the hydro right of way that the Enbridge pipeline was following I found another oil pipeline labelled the Trans-northern pipeline. Apparantly this is for refined oil running from Nanticoke to Montreal. It's markers were slightly different.

Some of the terrain is quite irregular and I wonder whether the pipe goes up and down with the terrain. For it to run straight in an area like this, it would have to be about 30 feet deep.

When the snow is gone and things are a bit drier, we need to track the line across the numerous creek beds to see if any of it is sticking out like Adam found on the Rouge River.

Another thing we should do is talk to farmers, golf courses etc. through which the pipe runs - What information has Enbridge given them about the reversal? Have there been any problems on their part of the line? How often do they do "integrity digs"? How far apart, etc?