DurhamCLEAR applies for intervenor status at NEB hearings into Line 9

April 19, 2013

DurhamCLEAR submitted an application today for intervenor status in connection with Enbridge's application to:

  • reverse its Line9 pipeline so that it carries oil from Sarnia to Montreal.
  • increase its capacity from 240,000 barrels a day to 300,000
  • permit the transport of diluted bitumen from the tar sands in Alberta

Since the pipeline already exists, the National Energy Board has severely narrowed the field of comment to exclude any discussion about the source or the end product.

Neverthe there are many issues to consider:

  • is a 35 year old pipe capable of safely transporting higher volumes of oil
  • what are the implications of a spill of dilbit, and what protections will the NEB require if they allow it

For the full application it is filed here: https://www.neb-one.gc.ca/ll-eng/livelink.exe?func=ll&objId=945386

DurhamCLEAR will be applying for intervenor funding.