Vision & Values



  • Create a sustainable and healthy environment that balances natural ecology with the needs of the community.
  • Create a mindset where environmental issues are always the prime consideration when managing change.
  • Continuously advocate for improvements in the planning at all levels of government so that stakeholders subscribe to high levels of ecological and social values.
  • Build a strong and respected organization to inform and educate our community about environmental and sustainability issues and, in the process, influence decision-making.


  • Respect for Nature:  We are part of nature and must live in harmony with it.
  • Leadership:  We provide positive, effective and educative leadership
  • Integrity:   We strive for win-win solutions and relationships
  • Steadfastness:  We stand by our convictions and strive for our goals
  • Inclusiveness:  We welcome those who share the visions and values of our organization.