Incinerator School - March 23, 2011

When a motion was passed at Regional Council that councillors should have an "educational session" to bring them up to steam on all the complexities of the Courtice garbage incinerator, DurhamCLEAR president Doug Anderson requested at a joint committee meeting that that session be opened up to representatives of DurhamCLEAR and ZeroWaste 4 ZeroBurning so that they could present the contrary view concerning the incinerator. No invitation was received.

To ensure that councillors had access to both sides of the story. DurhamCLEAR decided to hold its own educational session and invite all the councillors as well as regional staff and consultants and representatives of Covanta.

Councillor Shawn Collier arranged that we could use the River Plate Room in Ajax Town Hall and the "Incinerator School" was held on the afternoon of March 23.

Seven regional councillors attended - Shawn Collier from Ajax, Peter Rodrigues and Jennifer O'Connell from Pickering, and Nancy Diamond, John Henry, John Neal and Bob Chapman from Oshawa. In addition, local councillors Joe Neal, Corrinna Traill and Ron Hooper attended from Clarington along with Pat Brown from Ajax and Bruce Wood from Oshawa.

Several other individuals were in attendance but no representatives of the Region, the consultants or Covanta.

The following presentations were made. You can download and/or view the powerpoints by clicking on the titles:

The Region held its educational session March 25 (all day). Because it was a Council meeting, councillors were expected to attend but in spite of this there were a few times during the day when the session needed to be suspended for lack of a quorum (14)