Zero Waste is Do-able

In order to defeat the incinerator, Regional Councillors need to be satisfied that there is a readily available alternative - which in Durham's case, because of prior decisions, cannot be landfill.

The EA did only a cursory analysis of Zero waste and rejected it - this was back in 2005 when Durham's own diversion was at 36%. Numerous councillors have also scoffed at the idea.

However, many other municipalities take it very seriously and are actively pursuing it within the near term.

In order to ensure that Durham regional councillors are aware that zero waste can be achieved, DurhamCLEAR president, Doug Anderson, made a presentation to Regional Council on April 6 using Durham-specific numbers.

The powerpoint of his presentation can be viewed HERE. This file includes the speaking notes which clarify the slides. There are also a few extra slides here which were omitted from the presentation in order to compress it into the 10-minute limit.

There are references in the presentation to other sites and the links to these are listed here:

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s press announcement on achieving 77% diversion.

San Francisco's Environment Department site which links further to all sorts of information on how SF handles its waste.

Brief interview with one of the people who helped defeat efforts to locate an incinerator for San Francisco's garbage in the neighbouring community of Brisbane