Breakthrough (?) at Regional Council - Special Meeting called

At the last scheduled meeting before their summer break, Regional Council voted 15-13 to delay implementation of the incinerator pending more information re:

  • the cost associated with conditions laid out in the Ministry's approval of the C of A (Certificate of Approval),
  • a medical opinion from Durham’s Medical Officer of Health around the health  risks of increased emissions identified in the C of A,
  • and explanations for certain clauses in the co-owner’s agreement between Durham and York

It was heartening to see that councillors were realizing how little they really know about this project. One vote difference and the project would already be underway.

Those in favour of delay were: Aker, Chapman, Coe, Collier, Diamond, Drumm, England, Henry, Jordan, Mitchell, Neal, O'Connell, Parish, Rodrigues, and Woo.

Those opposed to delay were: Ballinger, Bath, Clayton, Drew, Foster, Marimpietri, McLean, Mercier, Novak, O'Connor, Perkins, Pidwerbecki, and Ryan.

We need to encourage those who supported the motion to keep the faith and keep lobbying those who opposed it to take a hard look at what they're voting for.

We can hope that our legal action will give them some pause to reconsider.

Special Meeting of Regional Council

Because the incinerator did not get final approval at the June 29 meeting, Chair Anderson has called a Special meeting on Tuesday, July 26 at 9:30 am to consider the required staff reports.

We can always hope that the reports will contain information that is damaging to the incineration cause, but we also know that these are staff reports and such information will be well-buried, if it's there at all.

This may be our last kick at the can, at least at Council, so we urge people to sign up for delegations concerning these reports. Emal to ask to make a delegation and also ask for copies of the reports as soon as they are available.

Also, be sure to attend, even if you can't do a delegation

Once the shovels hit the ground, this project will be much harder to stop.