Regions schedule Ground Breaking gala - join our demonstration

In spite of our pending legal action to stop the incinerator, the Regions are planning a gala ground breaking ceremony on August 17th at the site on Osborne Rd. It is by invitation only (see invitation). (We weren't invited.) The invite says "indoors" (tent?) and "business attire". The time is 11am to 2pm with the ceremony scheduled for 11:30.

Corinna Traill has written a blog about it here.

Presumably the press will be invited and we need to ensure that they are well aware that the legal action is underway and that digging a few holes in the site does not build an incinerator. We need to ensure that the stories that get written are about our protest and the legal limbo rather than about the ground breaking.

We need to be at the site by 10:30am in order to catch people as they arrive.

This is an opportunity to show our strength and ensure that everybody attending is well aware of our determination to stop it.

We need a couple of volunteers who are willing to coordinate this. Email us at

In theory, the Regions could continue construction, but then the costs are clearly on them when the courts find them in violation. An injunction was considered, but realistically, digging holes in a field of weeds doesn't constitute "irreparable harm". (There are no spotted owls as far as we know.) The "harm" comes only if and when it is completed.