Important Information Meeting

Monday, September 26, 7:00pm
Faith United Church
, Courtice
Nash Rd just E of Courtice Rd

  • Get the latest information on our legal fight
  • Discuss and help organize new initiatives

Many new faces have joined the anti-incinerator fight in the last couple of months. This meeting will provide us an opportunity to bring everybody up to speed with the latest information.

Click HERE to download a flyer which you can print out and post in your neighbourhood - lampposts, grocery stores, etc.

Please tell/invite your friends.

Region hires expensive lawyer

Durham Region has hired one of the most expensive lawyers in Toronto to defend them against our challenge on the zoning of the property.

This is confirmation that our action is on the right track - that our case is strong and theirs is weak.

Tens of thousands of your tax dollars will be used to try to defeat a legitimate and well-founded action by a local community group. Is that what democracy is all about?

Our first court date is still Sept 23 in the Oshawa Courthouse. This will be formalities only - the real action is unlikely to happen before November. We will be able to bring you an update at the public meeting.