Coalition of Zero-Waste and Anti-Incineration Groups submit letter to Party Leaders in run up to provincial election

In April of this year, Liz Bennian, President of the Ontario Zero-Waste Coalition, along with representatives of other organizations, met with officials of the Ministry of the Environment to encourage them to move rapidly towards the Zero-Waste vision that they had enunciated in a discussion paper almost 2 years earlier. Doug Anderson, Presient of DurhamCLEAR, was part of the delegation. They presented a letter to the Ministry with 10 specific action points including an end to incineration.

Also, on September 15, the 3 local anti-incineration groups, DuurhamCLEAR, ZeroWaste4ZeroBurning and DurhamEnvironmentWatch sent a very detailed letter authored by Wendy Bracken concerning a number of flaws in the Environmental Assessment and Certificate of Approval with particular attention on PM2.5. This letter was sent to both the Minister of the Environment and the Minister of Health. click here

The Ministry has not replied to either letter.

With Ontario going to the polls within the week, residents need to know where the government stands on these issues, and, should a different party form the government, we need to know where they stand as well.

To elicit a response, the coalition has sent a letter to all the party leaders as well as the media, reiterating the issues and requesting a response before the election