Bums in seats needed on Nov. 30

In the runup to the court hearing on Nov.30, Covanta is arguing that the opposition to the incinerator is just a bunch of NIMBYs and that there is no strong public interest in this case.

For this reason, we need to pack the court room as a visible indication that the public is still strongly engaged.

Covanta is implying among other things that our interest is monetary and that all we want is to protect our property interests - which is very interesting since they have maintained all along that the incinerator would have no affect on property values.

The legal arguments have been flying back and forth in preparation for Wednesday's hearing. The arguments will be technical and probably boring but the hearing is only 2 hours long - and vital to the future of the incinerator.

We have set up an event page on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/events/239206046141846/ where you can indicate whether you can come or not. Courtrooms are not assigned until the day before and if we know a lot will be coming, perhaps we can get a larger courtroom.