Join Us for the Launch of the Accountability Project

Pickering City Hall (front), Thurs. Jan 2, 3:00 pm
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In the 2010 Municipal Election, DurhamCLEAR submitted an extensive questionnaire focused on environmental subjects to every candidate both local and regional. While the response rate was excellent (more than 130 candidates responded), the useful information was minimal. We had no way of knowing which candidates were responding honestly and which were simply feeding back the stock answers they figured we were looking for.

We realized that asking ANY questions of candidates required first a test of Accountability.

In British Columbia and in most states in the USA, they have a mechanism called RECALL whereby constituents can petition for the removal of an elected official. We need that mechanism here.

In the absence of enabling legislation like in BC and the USA, we are relying on a combination of contract law and public pressure.

All candidates will be asked to sign a pledge in contract form in which they will pledge to resign their seats if a petition collects the signatures of 25% of the number who voted for their position in the previous election.

Accountability and transparency are always key voter concerns in every election, and, while not perfect, we hope that this initiative will provide a benchmark for accountability. We want candidates who sign the pledge to use it as a campaign edge over candidates who don't sign.

Who would you rather vote for - a candidate who is willing to put their position on the line or one who isn't?

All members of all councils are our employees elected to represent us. If they don't do their jobs we should have the ability to fire them.

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