Court Date ??

From previous stories, emails and announcements, you would have been expecting an announcement Feb. 8 re the further court date on the 'Leave to Appeal' the security of costs ruling from our Nov. 30 court appearance.

We're still waiting. That's the short answer.

The longer answer is more convoluted.

The lawyers on both sides had been told to appear in Newmarket Court on Feb 8 to get a date - which they did.

The judge (or somebody) tells them 'you don't belong here - the Oshawa court sets the dates'; so off to Oshawa. The Oshawa court says 'sure, you can have a 2 1/2 hr block on a couple of specific days in July.

But the lawyer for Covanta (Parla) says she needs 3 hr for her case which would have meant going on a rolling schedule where they can call you anytime during a week with only an hours notice. Our lawyer declined that on the grounds that he would have to clear his entire caseload for a week and 2 1/2 hrs is fine with him.

So we have no date yet but we're working on it. We will post the date as soon as we know.