Great day at Maplefest

Great weather and a new setup all contributed to a successful day at Maplefest in Downtown Bowmanville. Pam had obtained some seedling white sprue trees which were given to people who contributed more than $5. This went over very well and we took in more than $350.

We still have some trees left and if you would like a few give Doug a call at 905-668-5040. These are healthy rooted seedlings from a tree farm in Pontypool. The root and a bit of soil are enclosed in small plastic bag. We need to find homes for these soon before thay deteriorate.

Our new tent canopy also contributed to the overall professional presentation. Although it was not an issue this weekend, it also provided some shelter from wind and sun.

Hundreds of flyers were handed out and many, many people were encouraging us to keep up the fight.