DC asking all lakefront communities to urge Province to stick to its conditons re Line 9

DurhamCLEAR president, Doug Anderson is making the rounds of the lakefront communities in Durham to urge their Councils to support the conditions laid out by Rick Jennings, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Energy.as part of hisoral submission to the NEB on behalf of the Government of Ontario.

While these conditions do not go anywhwere near as far as DC would like, they should be considered as the minimum acceptable for the safe operation of the pipeline:

  1. a hydrostatic test of the Line
  2. an independent 3rd party review of the risk and engineering assessments submitted by Enbridge
  3. insurance coverage of $1billion
  4. that Enbridge incorporate vulnerable areas and source protection plans into their high consequence area and environmentally sensitive area maps
  5. that these vulnerable areas be incorporated into its emergency response plan
  6. conduct emergency response exercises annually with all municipalities who want them
  7. publish an annual report on Line 9, including information about maintenance, spills and integrity testing

These conditions are set out in resolutions that Anderson is asking the Councils to pass, and if the conditions are not met, then the resolutions call on the province to require Line 9 to undergo a provincial environmental assessment.

Anderson is also wants the province to "use their influence" to have the full width of Durham Region designated a 'high consequence area' (HCA) on the grounds of the high concentration of watercrossings and wetlands along the route and Durham's rapidly increasing population.

Doug is showing the Councils data that shows that

  1. the wall thicknesses of the pipeline through Durham are predominantly of the 2 thinnest grades
  2. the record of the 12 acknowledged leaks from Line 9b have all occurred on thin pipes

Doug is encouraging the municipalities to ask that the pipe be upgraded to 3/8" thick which should eliminate most potential leaks.