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Political Accountability

Governments are the biggest threat to the environment through:

  1. specific anti-environmental policies
  2. failure to enforce good environmental legislation that is already on the books
  3. lack of effective policy

Most of the environmental issues that DurhamCLEAR has and will be focussing on result directly from actions taken by governments.

Governments can make or break the environment and as a result we recognize the need to elect the 'right' people during elections.

To this end DuhamCLEAR founding member, Doug Anderson, created an extensive environmental questionnaire for all candidates more than a year before the 2010 municipal election. A website was created to make the responses readily available to the voters of the Region. In the end 135 candidates answered the questions.

The website received more than 15,000 visotors in the month leading up to the election including more than 5,000 on election day itself.

That website has now been archived but is still accessible to voters at

Plans are underway to do something similar for the 2014 election.

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