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407 ETR Extension - A step in the wrong direction

CLICK HERE for a slide show of pictures taken by Jayden along the path of the West Link (Hwy 407 to 401 just east of Lakeridge Rd.)
This article was contributed by Jayden Rae who is a Whitby high school student and the President of the Whitby Environmental Youth Alliance.
If you live in Durham Region, you have surely driven past the destruction resulting from the 407 ETR East Extension project and felt a sadness come over you. Hundreds, thousands, of trees including Butternut Trees that are considered an endangered species, are being chopped down for the construction of the West Link alone. However, this is just one of the impacts of this project and just a few other concerns include; 
  • The loss of healthy habitats that are abundant of life including species included under the endangered species act such as; Trumpeter Swans, Blanding’s Turtles, Barn Swallows and Redside Dace. The North Link in particular is destroying some of Whitby’s  last woodlots which have already experienced a steep decline due to urban sprawl. 
  • The West Link crosses over 7 waterways and the full 407 extension traverses almost a hundred more. These wetlands are the base of Durham’s ecosystems that feed Lake Ontario, act as filters for our water, reduce pollution and are vital to spawning fish.
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